Hemp has great wearing qualities

Hemp wool (left) may not look like it, but it's the base for very comfortable clothes (right).
Hemp wool (left) may not look like it, but it's the base for very comfortable clothes (right).

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So hemp is more sustainable, great. But is it also good to wear? Won't it itch and scratch like a potato sack?


Nope, it won't. Otherwise, there would be no point in trying to put up a hemp textile company - who would buy such stuff? Sure, two hundred years ago, hemp textiles were probably quite coarse. But textile production has much advanced since then, and the fact alone that today there is a growing hemp fashion market shows that high-quality hemp textiles are well received by the customers. In fact, the Chinese textile industry increasingly invests into hemp textile production because it is looking for high-quality products to counter the competition by low-wage countries.


In the end, hemp clothes feel very comfortable already when they are new. Pure hemp somewhat resembles linen, and the hemp-cotton blend we currently use brings the feel more towards the cotton you're used to. The fabric even tends to soften with time. Customers' feedback shows that hemp is perceived as very skin-friendly.


In fact, hemp is a great material especially under hot conditions - like in the summer, or in the mosh pit - because it is very breathable. That means it absorbs and transpires humidity very well without feeling wet, which is why hemp clothes feel comfortably cool when it's hot.


Also, hemp has anti-bacterial qualities, which means that it suppresses the emergence of odours - great when you're sweating a lot. This is an effect which, without the use of chemical coating, you find only in hemp. It also, by the way, prevents the emergence of mold or mildew if the fabric stays wet for a longer time. Moreover, hemp fabric offers good protection from UV radiation.


Lastly, hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. So buying a piece of high-quality hemp clothing, you should expect your new shirt or pants to last for a long time.


Extremely robust, but comfy to wear. What would you want more?