What makes our shirts special

All our shirts are made of 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton and have a weight of 175 g/m². The band shirts we offer are screen printed. For your purposes, however, also other printing techniques are available, e.g. digital printing or transfer printing. When it comes to suitability for printing, hemp doesn't differ from cotton.


The texture of the hemp shirts appears a bit less smooth than that of cotton - especially optically - but hemp is indeed soft and very comfortable to wear. Apart from the overall feel, hemp has a number of additional positive qualities:


  1. Hemp is very breathable, it absorbs humidity very well and transpires it very quickly. Especially in the summer hemp thus has a comfortably cool feel and makes the clothes less humid.
  2. Since hemp by nature needs no pesticides, there is no risk of pesticide residues in the clothes.
  3. Hemp, thanks to its cannabinoids, has antibacterial properties - some companies currently even develop hemp fabrics for hospital clothing. With normal textiles, hemp suppresses the emergence of odours, especially if a person sweats a lot - all without the need for chemicals.
  4. Clothes made of hemp provide a higher protection against UV radiation than cotton textiles.
  5. Hemp is one of the most robust natural fibres in the world - which is why it is even used in the automotive industry to reinforce car parts. Textiles made of hemp, while being comfortable to wear, are also much more robust than those made of cotton.